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ProgramProgram TypeDurationAnnual Fees Range (Euro)
AccountingBachelors4 Years4,500
Business AdministrationBachelors4 Years4,500
Culinary ArtsBachelors4 Years4,500
Hotel MagementBachelors4 Years4,500
Tourism ManagementBachelors4 Years4,500
Computer ScienceBachelors4 Years4,500
Business Administration (Management)Masters1 Year5,400
Business Administration (Marketing)Masters1 Year5,400
Business Administration (Hospitality Management)Masters1 Year5,400
Business Administration (Human Resource Management)Masters1 Year5,400
Business AdministrationMasters (Online)1 Year8,100 (whole program)
Accounting (BSc)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Business Administration (BBA) - Distance LearningBachelors4 Years9,540
Business Administration: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BBA)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Business Administration: Finance and Economics (BBA)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Business Administration: Management and Human Resources (BBA)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Business Administration: Marketing and Digital Media (BBA)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Energy, Oil and Gas Management (BSc)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Hospitality Management (BBA)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Management Information Systems (BSc)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Marketing Management (BBA)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Sports Management (BBA)Bachelors4 Years9,540
Tourism, Leisure and Events Management (BBA)Bachelors4 Years9,540
International Relations and European StudiesBachelors4 Years9,540
LawBachelors4 Years10,980
MedicineDoctor of Medicine5 Years (Graduate entry)24,000
MedicineDoctor of Medicine6 Years (Undergraduate entry)18,000 (per year, for first 3 years)
22,000 (per year, for last years)
Vetrinary Medicine (DVM)Bachelors5 Years (Undergraduate entry)20,000
NursingBsc4 Years9,540
PharmacyIntegrated Masters5 Years9,540
Sports ScienceBSc4 Years9,540
PhysiotherapyBSc4 Years9,540
Civil and Environmental EngineeringBachelors4 Years9,540
Computer EngineeringBachelors4 Years9,540
Computer ScienceBachelors4 Years9,540
Data ScienceBachelors4 Years9,540
Electrical EngineeringBachelors4 Years9,540
MathematicsBachelors4 Years9,540
Mechanical EngineeringBachelors4 Years9,540
Oil and Gas EngineeringBachelors4 Years9,540

Documents Required

(Institute may ask for additional documents, kindly contact us on WhatsApp for your subject related information)

Bachelor degree

  • Copy of student’s passport
  • Copy of High school certificate
  • Copy of High school transcripts
  • 2 Biometric photos
  • English Language proficiency

Master’s Degree

  • Copy of student’s passport
  • Copy of Bachelor degree
  • Copy of Transcript
  • 2 Biometric photos
  • CV
  • English Language proficiency

English Language Proficiency Options:

The Admission Procedure requires (1) an Interview with the Admission Staff and (2) a Proof of English Skills:

  • Either proof of undergoing your previous education fully taught in English;
  • Either an internationally recognized English qualification certificate;
  • Either obtain a pass in the English Test.

Admission Process Details

Step 1

  • Submit your documents using this link.
  • We will evaluate your documents (free of cost).
  • If you are eligible for program, we will send you invoice of 50.00 Euro (non-refundable) for our processing fee.
  • Once you make the payment, we will submit your documents to the university.

Step 2

  • If university will accept your documents, we will send you another invoice and link to pay your application fee directly to the university (if you want us to help you for that, we charge 8% service charges)
  • If your admission is approved, university will send you conditional offer letter and will ask you to pay at least 1 year’s tuition fee within 5 days.
  • Once you will deposit fee, university will send you Letter of Acceptance,  and you will proceed for the visa.

Visa Application

  • The Letter of Acceptance issued by the University or by the Ministry of Education
  • Proof of payment of full tuition fee for at least one academic year
  • Bank Statement showing financial means (minimum of 2500 EUR :: this amount may vary as per embassy rules in different countries)
  • Copy of your judiciary record or any proof stating you have no criminal records
  • Medical insurance policy for the whole visa period
  • Completed Application for Visa Form
    Payment of Visa Fee – 120 EUR
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Poof of English language knowledge (for the English taught programs)

After entering Romania, you will prepare the documents required for the application for a valid residence permit at the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

Other Information

Other Costs

During your stay in Romania you will incur other average total costs of around 350 – 450 EUR/month. These are estimated below for the average student life:

  • Accommodation: 100 – 250 EUR/month
  • Meals: 100 – 200 EUR/month
  • Recreational activities: 100 EUR/month
  • Public Transportation: 15 EUR/month
  • Books and School supplies: 300-500 EUR/year

Part-time Jobs

Only in campus work is allowed in Cyprus.

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