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Contests and Prizes

We will be announcing contests and prizes on this page on monthly basis.

March 2024 Short Video Contest

Topic: Life in Institute: “Show & Tell, Don’t Just Tell”

Deadline: March 31, 2024
Winner Announcement: April 15, 2024
Who can participate: Students (Age 16 to 26)
Winning Criteria: Content quality and most likes/comments
Contest Link: Click here

Terms and Conditions

  • We value originality, so our team carefully checks each article for plagiarism.
  • If you are taking part in any competition for students, kindly note that ONLY current students are entitled to take part in such contests. If you have completed your education in past 3 months, or your student id card expired in last 60 days, you can still participate.
  • Follow the competition’s rules and guidelines to ensure your entry qualifies.
  • Submit each article to its designated category. You can only submit to one category per competition.
  • Be aware that submitting the same article in multiple categories, re-entering it in other contests, or posting it online elsewhere will lead to disqualification and a 90-day posting ban.
  • Make sure your account is activated through email and your introduction is posted in the “Meet and Greet” forum.
  • Age limits and eligibility criteria apply. Winners will be required to provide proof of identity to claim their prize.
  • For article submission, write text in assigned area. If you will upload a word/pdf file, your post will be deleted without warning.
  • Don’t use “Topic” as your “Title”, always use your own title that should be relevant to the topic.

Participation Certificate

All participants will get participation certificate issued by EdALSA Educational Services Limited Company. To qualify for certificate, conditions are:
  • You must be registered.
  • Your article must be approved and published.
  • You will follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  • Invite at least 5 other people to register at our website.
  • Your profile should be complete.
  • Make sure your account is activated and your introduction is posted in the “Meet and Greet” forum.
  • Certificate will be issued on the name of account. It means, if your name on our system is “Joey Tribbiani”, certificate will be issued on that name. If you set a name “Glittering Idol”, certificate will be issued on the name of “Glittering Idol”
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