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Artificial intelligence is intelligence that is made by humans, it is the development of computers and machinery so that they can perform tasks humans are capable of doing, thus it is a so-called stimulation of human intelligence but is immensely accurate and well presented. It enables computers and software to learn and develop to further assist humans but it is also eating their jobs. Let us see how.

Before the popularity of artificial intelligence prevailed, we were somewhat aware of the possibility of being taken over by robotics, machinery, or technology. Be it through our favourite cartoon movie- Doraemon: Nobita, and the new steel troops, Indian cinema- Enthiran featuring superstar Rajnikant or be it a popular Hollywood movie- the terminator; all of them came to similar verdict, that is to not be so dependent on technology. Although as far as we were concerned that thought was left for the future generation to worry about as this generation is too far from that sort of advanced development. Unfortunately, the recent course of action taken towards artificial intelligence in the past years is significant enough to grow caution to the generation z, it has already started taking over jobs like customer support, content writing, painting, and even an influencer. Although many jobs are tedious and require no need for human assistance there are many, that play significant roles in developing human creativity and skill, it is unfair that AI is capable of even taking over the creative field leaving us to face severe competition just to achieve our dreams and goals which would still have a high possibility of being jeopardized. It is hard to attain a nearly perfect accuracy just as AI and as time passes AI will learn more precision and accuracy which will force us to retort to it. After being taken over by AI it will be hard to find motivation to work for our career goals as it will be hard to compete with the accuracy of a machine Elon Musk himself warned us about AI saying “There will come a point when there will be no jobs needed” and “the danger of AI is much greater than the danger of nuclear warheads, by a lot.” but he later himself has contributed to its development through “grok” (an AI application) and his brain chip company, Neuralink’s first human trial in which the patient can move the mouse around the screen by just thinking. There is no debate that AI won’t affect us badly because it has already started harming people that is through fake adultery videos of actresses or through fake ransom calls.

Jobs that AI will take over

The lack of unemployment has resulted in many bad outcomes such as the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, child labour, overworked employees, exploitation of labour, human trafficking, and many more. Now, let us learn which jobs will be taken over by AI and what will be its effect on the world.

Customer Service Representative

Almost in all online applications if we want to connect to the company we have to go through the automated or programmed responses while in other applications we don’t even get to a person after talking to the AI responses.

It sometimes becomes frustrating because the programmed messages or calls don’t have the option are looking for. It is also not time efficient for the customers although it is effective for the customer care staff. The responses are emotionless and less empathetic which impacts human satisfaction.


Music helps us to relieve stress and find calm from the chaos of the world. Music has such great importance from professional settings of spas and Parlors to prayers and wedding celebrations but slowly AI is taking the place of authentic instrumentalists and music players, which is disheartening since there are families who are musicians for centuries and it was their traditional practice and livelihood.

Influencers and Celebrities

With the increase of online content through various social media platforms the craze of celebrities and influencers has died down significantly from the 90s but is still very relevant which makes the mistakes and the humane nature of celebs visible online.

Many new influencers have also emerged through social media platforms which send the message that it is possible to achieve popularity and fame. But, with the rise of AI influencers, there will be no flaws or room for mistakes which will set a bad example for the younger generation. It will scare them from exploring or committing mistakes and set extremely high standards to achieve popularity.


India has so many religions and so many traditions which come with the variety of food and desserts going in families for ages. Food has sentiments attached to it. It grounds us and connects us with our history and ancestors. But since the rise of working couples the making of food has become a hassle for many and many children won’t grow up eating the world-famous, mom’s home-cooked meal they will get addicted to delivering food at home or in the future will have AI cook food for them which will have no emotional sentiments or special taste attached to it.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Although this profession requires empathy feelings and human connection, in the future, there will be specialized AI that will be programmed to know all the emotional patterns and situations people generally go through in life. It will be hard to open up to someone who hasn’t made a mistake or gone through the human experience. It would be scary if the AI would use the same knowledge against us in case of any conflict. If AI gets so emotionally close to humans it will be easy for it to manipulate our daily life decisions.

Ways to protect our jobs and us from AI

Strict laws

The government should not allow morphing images of any person through AI without proper consent or terms and conditions.

People with low wages, juggling multiple jobs, handicapped or in a tough life situation should be allowed the help of AI to earn more.

The functions of AI should be restricted or ask for details of the purpose with proof so as not to plagiarize the work assigned.

Confine their role

They shouldn’t be allowed to have any authoritative role over humans. People should empower AI to handle routine and non-creative tasks on their behalf, enabling them to generate income independently.

Promote development in other sectors

We should focus on other science sectors for development such as astrophysics or the mysteries of the world once Issac Newton said “I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself, I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

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