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Is AI a boon or bane?

Introduction: AI worked and came into existence for human welfare, but now it is a problematic tool for those who do not know how to use it. AI in the initial stage helped a lot in all domains of life, like health, banking, education, and other welfare work for others. AI is a boon or bane; it is only decided by its usage in life; if it is done for entertainment purposes, doing something productive in society, or for ourselves, then it is called a boon. But on the other hand, if it is used to hurt someone’s privacy, to hack data, or to exploit someone on any basis, then it is called a bane. As a person has two sides, one good and one bad, AI also represents a boon or bane.

Because of AI’s existence in human life, what are the changes that we can observe in our surroundings? Let’s move forward with a positive outcome. A blind person can read and write and works in banks and hospitals with the assistance of others. A person can do multiple tasks from one place to another in no time. The trends of photography have no wings in today’s time; people can add different filters, creatures, and fakes; they can cut images from somewhere to anywhere with a good level of finishing, so no one can identify the difference between reality and fake. It’s helpful in editing, adding, etc. A teacher can create lively creatures in the classroom; a person can feel different seasons or places within one room, making industries more vocal as well as local. It is seen or viewed in a magic show that because of AI, they can create and form the presence of lively animals without harming them, so it is beneficial not just for humans but for animals too.

Let’s shed light on the negative side of AI’s existence. People are having multiple issues in their lives; they are unaware of the fact that excessive use of AI can negatively impact their lives. People with AI are trying to envade someone’s privacy without thinking about the consequences.

Jobs, which may flourish by 2030 because of AI,

AI has the potential to directly or indirectly influence the economy of any country. It can create multiple jobs in any country as it is a very powerful tool. Photography, software skills, the health sector, the education sector, and other services in hotels may flourish because they will be able to use the maximum out of it, like building a robot that can contain more than ten skills and contribute to societal welfare. Classroom teaching may get more advanced, and teaching will not be limited to the classroom only. The infusion of AI will change the existing method or way of teaching, as a robot can do many things without getting tired or without fuel but a human can’t. In the health sector, it may help as fast-forward work like x-rays, MRIs, CT scans—these are computerized detailed tests, so it takes a lot of time. In the coming of reports, the presence of AI will save time, money, and energy. But the only reason they ask for is competencies in human minds.

How AI is snatching jobs

People may have different opinions on this, but we will talk about the core of it. Persons who have good skills in handicrafts, such as the small painter’s, sculptures, dancers, or ayurvedic doctors, are very much unaware of this level of modern technology, which works as a barrier in their lives as they are not aware of the potential that requires access to and best use of AI. On the other hand, the people who were dependent on AI are taking a major shift from them to others, which is creating stressful situations as those families were dependent on their traditional jobs.

In an office of twenty people, only five people were left just because other tasks were done by AI skills. AI can no doubt give you the best suggestions, but it will not be updated by human minds because it works on major searches or viewed answers on any page, and it will work on old data where human minds grab quick and unique ideas to find solutions. As you can see, humans make computers, not computers.

Just because AI is giving solutions to each and every form in a formal way, students forget to respect teachers’. People forget to live and learn from nature.

They become lazy, and they do not want to work from their senses because AI measures all the data and gives you conclusions in the best possible way, which is killing the uniqueness and affecting the individual differences of a person because whatever suits me is not necessarily suited for you, but it is giving you the same information.

Possible solutions for humans and AI: how can they work together?

Firstly, while AI can handle data-intensive tasks, humans possess irreplaceable qualities like creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and adaptability. So it is the responsibility of the leader of the country to provide each and every individual with knowledge of AI through a minimum-level course that ensures 100 percent attendance.

And try to make people aware of the best use of it—not to plagriss data but to inject your personal views to look at the possible solutions that you want to work with.

AI will never be able to replace teachers presence as it won’t be able to inculcate generosity, empathy, and uniqueness. It may be used as a tool in the classroom, or we can conduct a few classes with robotic teachers, but we can completely rely on it as we are dealing with human minds.

AI will definitely work in the field of the health sector as it can scan the details beyond human perspective, but still, human minds are at the core of AI because it works on the input, and input is given by us, which means humans.


AI is a bane. Or boon depends upon the usage of it, so it’s better to think wisely before getting dependent on it. Try to use both simultaneously so that no classes happen between the natural mindset and the artificial mindset.


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