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AI Coworkers will it happen?

AI has come a long way from simply being used as plot-devices in movies to talking to thousand upon thousands of people every single day. This is due to the diligent and excellent minds of coders, inventers, investors and engineers of this century.

Before I talk about how it will be an impact on us. I will need to tell you what we are going to talk about. “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence” is a term coined by John McCarthy of MIT and is defined by Marvin Minsky as a quote unquote “construction of computer programs that engage in tasks that are currently more satisfactorily performed by human beings because they require a high-level of intelligence” that of which a normal human has also known as self-awareness. If an AI were to get self-aware by it self or rather by its own program it will be regarded as a “self-aware AI” which is the highest type of AI Programs. Now that we have a brief understanding about what an “AI” is we can move onto the other topic which is “How it Started”.

While the term “AI” started in 1956 the program regarded as the first Ai was made by a computer scientist named Arthur Samuel which was made in a game of digital checkers to be used as a CPU where it will learn the moves by itself without it being a preset or an indicated pathway in the program. This can be achieved by analyzing the data provided by each individual user meaning if there were to be an action similar to ones that were done before than the computer will perform the action that will prevent the player from winning. This is the best place for me to direct you to the next topic which is “the impact that the growth of Ai will have on us Humans”.

Since its creation, the growth of Ai is unprecedent as it has been growing steadily with no intention of stopping. Due to this type of improvements people began to ponder, “Will Ai take over us in the near future?”. While there hasn’t been any definitive answer to this question yet we have been witnessing some indication of what it can look like. The main focus of this is an AI developed by an AI dedicate research company called OpenAI which can answer many questions by just typing it in. Since its creation many people has started to use it more frequently than it is intended. As an instance many students has used it in 2020, during the pandemic, as a way to get answers for their tests and homework. At first the teachers didn’t notice that AI was being used but than they began to see some words that doesn’t match the student’s level of vocabulary such as seeking assistance, Certainly, etc. Another point is that the latter or article feels way too formal to be use in everyday situation. For instant the setting of the latter is supposed to be a normal casual email but the student who used AI wrote “It has been marvelous here at the Evergreen mansion, my dear friend I hope that you and your family are having a wonderous time at the Ohio Territory as well” rather than just a simple “Hey man how you doing these days”. That was just a simple texting AI that can reply the text sent by users than there’s text to image generators where a user inputs a prompt for the AI to turn those words into images. These types of AI are called image generators and its popularity sky rocketed last year due to the amount of people experimenting on it and spreading it on the internet. While I say images these Ai made products are nothing more than a bunch of stolen art, made by human artists, from the internet jumbled together too make what the user put into the search box and due to it being multiple different images being Frankenstein together the image becomes deformed and distorted. For instant if the user told the Ai to make a cat the cat in the picture would have extra limbs or a missing eye or fused into the nearest objects or not resembling a cat at all but recently it has been improving at a rapid speed to the point that you can’t tell if its real life or AI generated if you don’t pay attention. This has concerned many artists as they fear that soon real art would have faded from existence. They are even more worried now that, while writing this article, the same company that made CHATGPT has announced their new project, a new animating AI called SORA which can animate visuals like a multi-million-dollar studio. This has made many artist and animators questioned what will they do in the near future as they fear that their jobs will be taken by AI. If I had to voice my opinion in this situation I’d say that while it is scary to see that AI is growing rapidly it is safe to say that we humans are still needed for its development and accuracy. Many people are also starting to use Ai as a way to cut time in brainstorming ideas that will make an impact on us humans, the company that came to mind when I talk about this is a company call “Stay woke Salary men” that uses AI in the way that I mentioned before. By seeing that how they use it to make their company and their channel grow. From my research it is shown that 77% of businesses are using or exploring AI. This show that the in 20 or 40 years-time we will be seeing robot workers in companies and warehouses. I can say that as long as there is not a situation like SKYNET from THE TERMINATOR series that we can rest easy knowing that we get live another day.


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