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Predicting the future isn’t magic, It’s artificial intelligence. Says Dove Woters The mix of cutting-edge man-made knowledge computations, man-made intelligence models, and mechanical innovation has cleared a path for a seismic change in the overall work market, renaming the genuine thought of business and reshaping entire ventures subsequently. From collecting and transportation to clinical benefits and cash, the spirit of computerization represents an expected danger, testing standard thoughts of work and convincing accomplices to challenge the huge implications of mechanical unsettling influence.By examining the economic dynamics, technological and social innovations we seek to illuminate the future of humans and robots.

Emergence of AI:

AI has caught the attention of many companies and governments; it is one of the most disruptive technologies that has displaced many jobs of people over a company. John McCarthy, an American computer scientist first coined the term Artificial intelligence in 1950 along with  Alan Turing. AI helps people to rethink, and re-analyze the data, helps in finding insights into their work lives and helps in transforming their ideas into more lucid patterns. According to researchers Shubhendu and Vijay, these software systems “make decisions which normally require [a] human level of expertise” and help people anticipate problems or deal with issues as they come up. AI is a set of tools: Generative AI, Supervised learning( helps in labelling things) Unsupervised learning and Reinforcement learning.

Sophia: Ready to conquer the World:

AI robots are made to make human lives easier. It can navigate independently to make human-robot interaction friendly. Hanson Robotics created Sophia, a human-friendly robot with a life-like facial expression. It talks and communicates in an amiable tone, showing emotions. The purpose of making Sophia is to explore multiple educational platforms and to have social ethics. As Former CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates said, “Humans should be worried about the threat posed by artificial Intelligence.” Assuming for a minute, if there were more Sophia in the world humans would be destroyed financially.

Careers in Peril:

AI has risked human-orientated jobs for the last few years and it is believed that by the end of 2030, humans will be replaced by Robots. According to Falguni Desai, “Artificial Intelligence is about replacing human decision-making with more sophisticated technologies.” There are certain jobs that might be replaced by robots. Some of them are discussed below:

1.      Transportation:

There are times when orders and machinery are transported by trucks and Taxis. The truck drivers and taxi drivers were responsible for the safe landing of packages. Now, self-driving technology is rapidly increasing. Progress in drone and autonomous vehicles may result in the loss of need of drivers for package deliveries to the warehouses. In the future, people will prefer to travel with robotic cars, leading to quitting their driving jobs. I am afraid that maybe we can see robotic aeroplanes by the end of 2030.

2.      Front Desk Job:

From ages, there is staff at the reception of hotels to provide basic information for the stay in the hotel. Today, automated mobile phones and digitally scheduled systems have removed human interaction for entrance into hotels. People now set and check the availability of rooms by seeing the online prompt given by the hotels. Cashiers at supermarkets or big stores are also at risk. There is AI installed at counters for customers to seek assistance. The automatic messages help customers for a better understanding of the question. They have been designed in a way that you can get brief and more authentic information. The AI bots no doubt act as a real human in your sales experience. Virtual try-on allows you to check immediately what suits you before your interaction with the item. According to Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, “ The intelligent machine is an evil genie, that escaped from its bottle.”This can save you time but it is also destroying salespersons jobs.

3.      Designers:

AI has been progressing at a fast pace. There is always difficulty in selecting the right person who understands your idea and showcasing it the way you want it. The two types of designer-Graphic designers and fashion designers are at risk because there are machines that can make a variety of samples at a time by analyzing user preferences. Graphic designers blend art and technique to provide something original. It takes time to understand the person’s needs preferences and tastes when it comes to design, further customers want uniqueness in their art. So, AI helps graphic designers to understand and provide better design.

If we talk about fashion designing, there are machines and visual try-ons that help beginners to form more creative and original looks for the customer and provide collaborations with other AI to have vast imaginations for designers. It is not wrong to say AI cannot replace designers’ jobs entirely, designers still play a critical role in understanding, crafting and making refreshing ideas for clients. AI empowered them to work more efficiently, explore new possibilities and have more creative ideas. Designers can boost their careers if combined with AI.

4.     Feedback Assistance:

In this modern world, every hotel, store or workplace is willing to provide appropriate services to the customers. Before AI people tend to have some people to receive feedback from people. Managers get a lot of emails and comments that are not possible to read or respond but now AI can easily form transcripts for different places and people can get the option of negative and positive reviews. It can also provide graphs for quick review.


With the advancement in Robotics technology, is question of whether AI replace human jobs, is a valid question. AI can replace many human jobs but it cannot replace the creativity, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills that humans possess. Job seekers may face challenges but certain solutions can be considered like investment in education, promotion of lifelong learning and investment in research and development may cope with job crisis.


There are tremendous traditional jobs that can vanish till 2030 but with the help of new technologies, investing in education and upgrading our learning style we can get advanced forms of employment and economic growth. The physicist Prof Hawking shows the danger of unemployment for people who are unable to acquire advanced knowledge. He says, “Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete, and would be superseded.” To sum up, it is a time of concern for humans to reshape their future that aligns with robots to secure their jobs and lives mentally and financially.

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