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The Artificial Intelligence Revolt: Expected Jobs for the year 2030
This article introduces a branch of computer science which is known as Artificial Intelligence. This time is the period of AI because about 60% works are performed by computerized machines. The industries are held by Robots. The robots are also used for doing house chores. We can live in winters in the season of hot summer. This was only an imagination in the past but AI make it possible. Now it is working on the machines that has intellect like human. They claimed that in 2030 they will invent machines that will perform almost all the tasks which are performed by human. They believes that in 2030 people will be jobless because of the inventions of AI.
Key words: Artificial Intelligence, Future inventions by AI, era of AI, AI in 2030
1- Introduction
To know about the future jobs in AI first of all we have to know what AI is? So, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence that carries its meaning in itself. As the word Artificial defined as, “A copy of natural things invented by human being”( Xung Le. Oct, 9, 2022).On the other hand, the word, “intelligence” defined as, “ The ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one’s environment” (Noah Webster 1999). Therefore, combined words signifies the machines invented by human being by copying natural things that can apply their knowledge to manipulate environment which is the instinct of human being.
Furthermore, the aim of AI is to invent machines that has the power of decision making like human being (Gate Smashers 2019) . It can be seen that AI is hardly impacting the current century ( Verma.I &et). It is possible that AI will hold jobs of human being very soon because AI is working on machines that will work instead of human being. It is working in almost all the fields like; field of medical, research, business and much more. In the future it is possible that human beings will be jobless because of machines invented by AI.
1.1 Research Questions
A) What is AI?
B) Which jobs can be expected in AI for the year 2030?
1.2 Research Objectives
A) To understand AI
B) To know about expected jobs in AI for the year 2030
1.3 Statement of the problem
The researcher is interested to search on this topic because she want to aware people about the future development of AI. So that they can understand importance of AI in their lives. Further, she wants to explore information about AI as much as its possible.
2- Methodology
2.1 Research Tool :
The researcher have collected the data from different sources such as; YouTube channels, research papers, google, websites etc. The researcher goes through these works to analyze the work.
2.2 Data Analysis
The researcher has analyzed the data bye using qualitative method. The qualitative method is a non-numerical kind of research method.
3- Literature Review
There are many researches that can be find regarding AI. Some of then are discussed as under;
In an article entitled as,” Artificial Intelligence on Future Aspects” Verma.I et al said that the main concern of AI in current time is on inventing technologies that will perform human tasks after 10 years. Nowadays, technology of AI become the center of attraction in society. AI is working to facilitate transportation system by inventing autonomous vehicles, machines to delay predictions and traffic management. Further, it is also working to improve healthcare system, public security, home service facility, education, low resource communities, entertainment, employment and workforce by inventing different machines which has super intellect.
Moreover, Halal.W et al researched on the topic, “Forecast of AI and Future,,,.” In which he has discussed the ideas of different experts about AI. Some of then are mentioned as under;
One of the experts says that AI is engaged to invent machines which will be difficult for humans to distinguish between them and machines in some conditions. Another expert states that the Matrix Management system will be very important to run millions of people in on-line participation on different projects. There is one more expert who believes that computerized inventions will create a lot of new tasks very fast by the year of 2030. In 2030 every individual will be more genius in their fields as compared to current time. Thereafter, unemployment will rise about 3 percent to 11 percent in 2030.
Although, Bruun.E states in one of his articles that in the future AI will provide a lot of opportunities for our society for which we are destined to misplace our generation with machines.
4- Result and Discussion
This study discusses the revolution of AI and its inventions that will play their role in 2030. In an article Verma.I et al said that AI will be translating languages by 2024 batter than human, write school essays by 2026 and will sell goods by 2031.It shows that by 2030 AI will revolutionize many things by which human tasks will be performed. Such as their technological machines will work for translating languages, writing essays and much more. In current time AI is the most attractive inventive branch of computer science which plays its vital role for the betterment of society. By 2030 it will invent machines which will work for traffic management system, robots will perform human tasks and much more.
However, one of the experts of AI states that in 2030 humans will be more genius as compared to this time period. It indicates that by 2030 future inventions will make people more intelligent in their field. Likewise, people will perform their duties by sittijg at their homes and so on.

5- Conclusion
In the conclusion, this article is all about the dramatic change by the year 2030 that will be taken place by AI. There are many future inventions has been discussed here that will perform a lot of human tasks in 2030. AI will invent machines that will work as traffic management officers. They will also work as a teacher in the schools, colleges, and Universities. The industries will be held by the machines, they will work as language translators. In short, almost human tasks will be performed by machines or we can say our future will be the era of AI.

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