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This article explores the disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in the postmodern era and how it affects job replacement with the new AI job system. Many researchers warn that advanced AI development must be halted to protect humanity from future destruction. Jean Baudrill in his book “Simulacra and Simulation” addresses the concept of reality changing into hyperreality. While AI developers consider it a blessing for humanity as a helping hand, however, for 2023, many jobs may be replaced by AI systems, such as content generators, customer support, data entry specialists, and more. This article expresses the latest AI development problems and their solutions.


The OECD elaborates that an AI system is a machine-based system capable of influencing the environment by producing an output for a given set of objectives. Technological advancement has always been a blessing for humankind, yet there are threatening problems such as job extinction in certain positions like Data Entry and Manual Data Processing Specialists, cashiers, fast-food workers, assemblers, telemarketers, and more.  The fruits of AI are ripening in today’s postmodern world, significantly impacting the economy, growth, productivity, market power, innovation, and employment.

Researchers Prediction:

Thousands of world researchers and leaders, including Elon Musk, have advised that artificial intelligence labs must stop the development of advanced AI systems, cautioning against the threat to society and humanity. Gray Marcus said, These things are shaping our world,” with other entrepreneurs and academic figures explaining the flaws of AI systems. Associate Professor Sabin Hauert at the University of Bristol said, “Robots are not going to replace humans; they are going to make their jobs much more humane.” Difficult, demanding, dangerous, dull—these are the jobs robots will be taking.

Alan Turing, the first person to discover that “A computer has artificial intelligence systems,” said, “A computer would deceive to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human.” Geoffrey Hinton, known as the Godfather of AI for his exceptional work on machine learning and neural network algorithms, left his job from Google in 2023 to talk about the flaws of AI, stating, “These things could get more intelligent than us and could decide to take over, and we need to worry now about how we prevent that happening.”

Job Misplacement due to AI Mechanization:

Some of the biggest dangers AI presents are job automation, the spread of fake news, and a dangerous arms race of AI-powered weapons. AI robots are becoming smarter and more dexterous, requiring fewer humans to perform the same tasks. It is estimated to create 97 million new jobs by 2025, yet many employees may lack the necessary skills, and companies may not up skill their workers.

“If you’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s and more automation comes in, is one of these new jobs going to be a good match for you?” Ford said. “Or is it likely that the new job requires lots of education or training or maybe even intrinsic talents — really strong interpersonal skills or creativity — that you might not have? Because those are the things that, at least so far, computers are not very good at.”

“The reason we have a low unemployment rate, which doesn’t actually capture people that aren’t looking for work, is largely that lower-wage service sector jobs have been pretty robustly created by this economy,” futurist Martin Ford told Built In. With AI on the rise, though, “I don’t think that’s going to continue.”

Talking about fields like laws and accounting are first and foremost for AI takeover. AI is already taking its place in medicine, law, and accounting and has a significant impact on it. For instance, AI can be used to diagnose diseases more quickly and accurately than humans. AI algorithms quickly analyze patient history and medical images that never match human speed.

While in favor of AI systems, the OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said, “A lot of people working on AI pretend that it’s only going to be good; it’s only going to be a supplement; no one is ever going to be replaced.” But, he adds, “jobs are definitely going to go away, full stop.” But it is considered foolish to recognize AI as a blessing for humans and completely ignore its drawbacks.

Data Entry and Manual Data Processing Specialists:

From the Pew Research Center, the collection of data shows that workers who focus on basic data collection are among the most vulnerable to AI Automation. These may include data entry, basic research positions, and preliminary data analysts. AI can complete unprecedented speed while minimizing the risk of human errors. Furthermore, AI can boost data entry productivity and enable team members to focus on more strategic, value-added tasks and skills such as data analysis and critical thinking.

Customer Service:

AI would perform the best customer service, as AI-powered tools have emerged to automate and improve customer service. AI-powered chatbots automatically answer customer questions, offer personalized recommendations, provide customer support, and if necessary, direct more complex questions to customer service team members. Although customer service is not just about call center, challenges have arisen from the use of AI in this. Some agents believe that the AI’s suggestions are not perfect at all. When companies face conflicting orders on when to follow the AI tools, it is foolish management to give human responsibility to AI without any authority to accomplish tasks. Therefore, human roles are crucial for any success.

Content Writers:

As humans need considerable time to write unique content, writing and content creation job positions are more affected by AI tools, specifically ChatGPT and Jasper AI language models. Many writing tasks have been fully automated, including summaries, blogs, articles, and basic reports.

Way out:

AI technologists and developers believe that just as there are seasons that mankind enjoys, AI is a season that humans must enjoy. It is established for the help of mankind. It must be considered a blessing for humans. However, all jobs still require humans for proper functioning because without human assistance, conflict is always there. People should learn the usage of new AI tools and find jobs according to them. Learning new skills is always necessary to establish a better career. AI jobs have already been created that man must know.


In conclusion, AI is a serious threat to humanity and other aspects while also serving as a helping hand to humanity.

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